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Computer Vision/Deep Learning Engineer

We are looking for Computer Vision/Deep Learning to work  on building deep learning computer vision scalable applications related to face detection, recognition, and soft biometrics.

 Ideally, you have already completed at least 3 years of experience in industrial computer vision and deep learning applications with skills in:

  1. Very good English writing and verbal communication skills.
  2. Data processing, cleaning, analysis and augmentation.
  3. Strong coding skills in Tensorflow, Keras , Pytorch to code both prototypes and production level systems.
  4. Experience in optimizing deep learning models to save time and energy and memory requirements  in both training and inference phases.
  5. Ability to build complete solutions that run on the cloud or an independent server on Linux environments.
  6. Machine learning models  lifecycle management.
  7. It will be a big plus if you have experience in Face Detection, Recognition and Analysis.
  8. + 3 years industrial experience.
  9. Big bonus if you have experience in deploying deep learning models on the edge.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining our amazing team.

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