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Meet The Team

We’re passionate innovators with deep rooted knowledge in computer vision, augmented reality and applied artificial intelligence applications.

Taleb Alashkar

Taleb Alashkar, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Bart AlgoFace

Andrew Bart

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jon Bierer

Jon Bierer

Chief Legal Officer

Chris Buls AlgoFace CFO

Chris Buls

Chief Financial Officer

Lucas Felt, VP Revenue

Lucas Felt

VP, Revenue

Ali Bennett AlgoFace

Ali Bennett

VP, Beauty

Randy Gustafson

Randy Gustafson

VP, Partnerships, Innovation & Government

Face AI Jeffrey Freedman

Jeffrey Freedman

Director of Growth Marketing

Jennifer Jordan, AlgoFace Strategic Advisor

Jennifer Jordan

Strategic Advisor

Face AI Phyllis James

Phyllis James

Strategic Advisor

Ramesh Raskar Face AI

Ramesh Raskar

Scientific Advisor

Jason Goldsmith AlgoFace Strategic Advisor

Jason Goldsmith

Strategic Advisor

Face AI Kate Nadolny

Kate Nadolny

Strategic Advisor

We are committed to building technology for good.

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