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Remove the frustration of guessing how hair extensions will look.

Identity-Free Biometrics

We are committed to building technology for good.

Enable shoppers to leverage artificial intelligence to virtually try on hair extensions in the most convenient way possible.

Woman sun Hair Extensions

Build Consumer Confidence.

Our virtual hair extension try on technology realistically and accurately shows your customers how your extensions will actually look on them in real-time. No more holding them up and trying to imagine the results.

Stop the Guesswork.

Our hyper-realistic augmented reality AR experience is so true-to-life that, your customers will feel more comfortable with the shopping experience and more confident in their purchases.

Empower your customers to accurately see how your products will look on them so they can try them before they buy and know exactly what they are getting.

Woman Glasses Hair Extensions
Group of Women Hair Extensions

Higher Conversions, Lower Returns.

The ability to visually experiment with different hair extensions without having to physically try on products significantly increases the add-to-cart volume and time on-site for brands, providing a better customer experience and helping them make more informed purchasing decisions.

This is especially beneficial for customers who are hesitant about changes to their hair, as they can preview the results and feel more confident before making a purchase.

No one likes surprises when it comes to their hairstyle.