Intellectual Property Patents

Explore Our Patented Technology

Intellectual Property Patents

Explore Our Patented Technology

Our Patents.

Industry Applications of Our Dense Tracker


Computer Vision Neural Network System

Patent Pending

Facial Images Retrieval System

Patent Pending

Facial Image Makeup Transfer System

Our Core Technology Principles


Nimble by Nature

On the edge.

AlgoFace is swift and seamless. It’s built to work on edge devices, processing in real-time to deliver a real life highly immersive AR experience with lightning speed.

Inclusive by Default

Unbiased AI.

AlgoFace is unbiased. Our technology reliably recognizes any skin tone or texture and works with virtually all apparel and accessories to model the reality of each person.

Precise by Design

Dense tracking.

AlgoFace is impeccably accurate. Our technology detects and tracks 209 landmark points on a human face to cover a larger set of features and a wider array of expressions.

All about us.

Headquartered in Carefree, Arizona, we are a diverse team of passionate innovators with deep rooted knowledge in computer vision, augmented reality and applied artificial intelligence applications.

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