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AlgoFace Enterprise Sales Director

AlgoFace, the Ethical FaceAI enablement company, seeks an entrepreneurial Enterprise seller to expand existing and break into new business relationships with Global 1000 and high value mid-market companies innovating in face-related solutions.  With your knowledge of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence applications and use cases and established book of C-Suite to VP roles driving related business decisions at target accounts, you’ll drive next level ARR and Revenue growth for our platform.

Why join AlgoFace?

We’re committed to FaceAI-for-good.  Privacy and transparency are mission-critical values for us.  We see amazing innovation in driver and workplace safety, avatar and gaming development, virtual and AR experiences and face-oriented health and wellness.  But we also see other FaceAI technologies that collect and store PII data without consent and transparency.  We’re building FaceAI SDKs with advanced technology that works on the edge without collecting or storing any data.

We’re committed to best-in-class accuracy, inclusiveness and realism.  Global 100 and disruptive Startup customers tell us our 209 facial landmarks, eye and lip-tracking, head pose and yaw – especially when the head is moving – is more accurate than any other software they’ve tested and used.  And face detection (NOT recognition!) of all skin types and shapes means we’re not missing anyone.  We’re saving innovative computer vision engineers months of data training time, enabling faster time-to-market for their breakthrough applications.

We’re committed to innovation from every perspective.  We believe innovation comes from inclusivity, and so value experience and perspectives from all ages and backgrounds.  Our team is comprised of seasoned startup professionals coming off of third and fourth exits, former academic data scientists, engineers graduating from top programs worldwide, growth hackers and recent graduates looking to build a FaceAI company that wants to change the world.  Our team also sits in the US, Australia, Pakistan, Ukraine and Bali.

Do you have what it takes?  You do if you have a…

  • Minimum 8+ years direct new business sales experience calling on Global 1000 Enterprise and Named Accounts.
  • Proven track record of meeting and exceeding new business target account deal activity and revenue goals selling a computer vision, artificial intelligence, data engineering or software application solution.
  • Demonstrated success in strategic account prospecting, territory and activity planning, multi-level and cross-functional relationship building and closing technical, data and business decision-makers.
  • Commitment to internal teams (developers especially) and customer success via a strong understanding of your customers’ business and application goals with KPIs; pro-active clear and concise communications (external and internal) and CRM tools and systems diligence.
  • Love of the fun and ingenuity that comes with a multi-hat role in an evolving startup.  You don’t wait for others to do things for you, but come up with your own ideas and listen to others, execute them and share what works with the team.

More about the role and shared expectations

  • This is a foundational, individual contributor role. 
  • You’ll develop a deep understanding of our company and products, the competitive landscape, your potential customers and the industry at large.
  • You’ll achieve and exceed an individual sales goal, while contributing to overall team goals.
  • You’ll create and maintain accurate pipeline forecasts and reporting, in real time.
  • We’re a distributed team, with all of us WFH.  We’ll see you on Zoom or Slack  video a lot because we actually have fun building a company with purpose.  We’re also testing different go to market approaches, sharing feedback and learning together.  Your notes and insights from your Zoom calls with prospects matter in the direction we take.
  • Compensation is base plus commission (50%/50% at target).  Algoface offers a full benefits package to its employees.

About AlgoFace, Inc

AlgoFace Ethical Face AI features the most accurate, inclusive, and identity-free biometric face analysis software.  AlgoFace builds AI and AR technology that knows what’s unique in every person. Through precise tracking of 209 facial landmarks, AlgoFace technology enables a deeper understanding of the human form and the ability to detect and recognize people more accurately, easily and clearly. AlgoFace works via an omni-channel, omni-vertical approach, with leading brands, agencies, and OEM partners to power face AI applications.  Headquartered in Carefree, Arizona, we are a diverse team of passionate innovators with deep rooted knowledge in computer vision, AR and applied AI applications.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining our amazing team.

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