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Frontend / Software Engineer

Who are we:

  •   Algoface (Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Reality. The Human Face.)
  •   The AI revolution is changing the way consumers interact, shop, and play.
  •   We have developed a unique technology that maps, tracks, and analyzes the human face to accurately integrate immersive AR user experiences across platforms.
  •   We are making this technology available via SDK for all web and mobile platforms.


You will:

  •   Design and develop high quality front-end applications.
  •   Develop new software applications, features and services that support and scale web applications.
  •   Stay current with the latest front-end technologies and best practices and share your findings with the team.
  •   Design and develop Authentication and Authorization applications.
  •   Design and develop Analytical Dashboards.
  •   Perform unit, integration and UI testing.
  •   Having working knowledge of emscripten is a plus.
  •   Design and develop emscripten interfaces in C/C++.
  •   Work as part of an agile team across a variety of application domains


Must Have:

  •   Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or relevant stream.
  •   3+ years of experience with javascript technologies.
  •   3+ years of experience in material design.
  •   2+ years of experience with REST API and/or SocketIO.
  •   3+ years of experience with web technologies such as React, Mobx, Bootstrap, jquery etc.
  •   3+ years of experience with HTML5, and CSS3.
  •   2+ years of experience in MongoDB and/or postgresql.


  •   NodeJs, Express frameworks
  •   C/C++ Experience
  •   Emscripten Experience
  • AWS EC2, API Gateway, S3, Cognito Experience.

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