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Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field, expanding in a variety of industries as the tech becomes better understood, more user-friendly and more accessible. Like most areas of technology that take time to be widely adopted by the masses, AI news can sometimes get lost in the firehose of internet content published daily. Our team has found that, in addition to our own networking circles, there are quite a few trusted resources always on the cutting edge, putting out relevant and reputable content. We’ve curated our top 10 in no particular order – let us know what you’d add to this list. is a “Byte Sized” daily tech newsletter delivered to your inbox of choice (in addition to Tech and Programming they also have a Crypto newsletter). TLDR means “too long; didn’t read” in internet parlance, and this newsletter sums up the most important happenings in the tech industry. They have a listing of their archives as well, if you’re searching for something specific. 

YCombinator’s Hacker News

Tech startup accelerator YCombinator’s business model for funding early stage startups has been incredibly successful. With a current valuation of more than $300 billion, they are one of the most trusted groups in the industry. Their news forum is the place to go for recent industry happenings and current, ongoing discussions on all topics tech-related. 

MIT Technology Review

This widely trusted source for news on all things tech comes from, of course, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They’re up to date on all events, analyses, interviews, live events and reviews in the industry. Their AI section is a gem. 

Road to VR

This news publication focuses on how the virtual reality industry is growing, and how VR is being implemented in a variety of ways. In addition to VR, they look at augmented reality and human-computer interaction in general. Anything about immersive technology is in their wheelhouse, and it’s all in the universe of AI. 

Berkeley Artificial Intelligence (BAIR) Blog

Researchers in computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, planning, and robotics at Berkeley AI Research launched this blog in 2017. They’re publishing their innovative research in an effort to make complicated areas like this more accessible to the general public, meaning they essentially “dumb it down” enough for the layperosn to mostly undestand. 


This well-known site focuses on tech startups, with industry news in a wider scope. Bigger and more comprehensive than some of the others on this list, you might have to search a little to find the AI content you’re looking for. If you are a founder or part of a startup, you might be interested in their TechCrunch+ section. 

The Verge

Like TechCrunch, The Verge is big. In addition to covering tech news, they do product reviews and consumer electronics info. Their Tech section is great, and they have enough content about artificial intelligence specifically that there’s an entire AI section. Really thorough reporting here.. 


CNet (short for computer network) started as a radio and TV content producer and has since morphed into a group focused on technology and consumer electronics. One of the oldest on our list, CNet has a huge stable of expert contributors and a true finger on the pulse of the tech industry. 

Futurism AI Blog

Futurism’s artificial intelligence blog is visually arresting and wildly interesting (sample headline: “Man Married to Hologram Can’t Talk to Wife Due to Software Glitch”). A younger entry to our list, Futurism has a bit more of a pop culture bent, but that doesn’t interfere with the very real cutting edge reporting they do on the tech industry in general and artificial intelligence specifically.  

VentureBeat’s The Machine

VentureBeat has been a trusted source in the tech industry for nearly 20 years, putting out tons of content and hosting wildly popular tech events nationwide every year. Their artificial intelligence section, called “The Machine,” shares up-to-date information about everything AI. They tend to be one of the first to report new tech on the scene, or newly discover applications of tech. 

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