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AlgoFace, a computer vision startup specializing in Face AI, is thrilled to announce its selection into the prestigious Fuel Accelerator Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Cohort, sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC). The Fuel Accelerator AI/ML cohort, organized by Startup Junkie Foundation, Catapult Consulting, RevUnit, and GrowthX, will be held at the next-gen coworking space, Ledger, in the heart of Bentonville, Arkansas. Fuel Accelerator’s AI / ML Cohort allows AlgoFace to foster relationships with Fortune 500 companies, gain feedback from business experts, and collaborate with other AI/ML companies. 

Andrew Bart, CEO & Cofounder of AlgoFace stated, “Alongside world class AI/ML startups, we are honored and excited to be selected for the Fuel Accelerator AI/ML Cohort. It is a testament to AlgoFace’s continued commitment to AI and Machine Learning excellence. We look forward to embedding ourselves in Bentonville, engaging with our mentors, peers, and the community.  Ultimately, we are focused on solving problems for new enterprise customers that we engage as a result of the program,” Bart finishes.

The Fuel Accelerator AI/ML Cohort spans 12 weeks of rigorous preparation and matching of startups to enterprise partners with a desire to adopt innovative technologies. It culminates with a Demo Day on Wednesday, November 1st where the startups in the cohort pitch in front of a curated audience of 200+. 

About AlgoFace:

AlgoFace makes it easier to build and deploy trusted responsible Face AI solutions. Our B2B & B2G Ethical Face AI Enablement Engine leverages computer vision, machine learning, and generative AI to power applied AI solutions that operate on the edge. Featuring privacy by default and ethical AI frameworks, our 2D facial landmark tracking, 3D face mesh, iris tracking, head pose estimation, and hair segmentation offer enterprise-grade accuracy and speed, with minimal power requirements. Our core Face AI Enablement Engine can be used to develop 2D and 3D Face AI solutions across mobile, desktop, embedded systems, AR/VR, and the Metaverse. 

About Fuel Accelerator:

Fuel Accelerator is a program operated by Startup Junkie Foundation, Catapult Consulting, RevUnit, and GrowthX. With an illustrious track record, the Startup Junkie Foundation has facilitated 13 previous accelerator programs, supporting over 150 alumni companies backed by the Walton Family Foundation and the U.S. Economic Development Administration. Led by founder and CEO Tom Douglass, Catapult Consulting leverages his unique experiences in small businesses and Fortune 500 Enterprises to create the next generation of disruptive businesses. RevUnit, starting with a small team of 12 full-time employees in 2013, swiftly evolved into one of Walmart’s key strategic technology partners within a year of its inception. GrowthX, a venture capital fund based in San Francisco, CA, is run by operators with extensive go-to-market experience. Fuel Accelerator is a melting pot of leading business experts ready to help facilitate training that accelerates growth.