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Is The Future Cashier-less?

I live around the corner from an Amazon Go store and was fascinated by the concept when it first opened. I’m less and less enthralled with the store but that has to do with the merchandise as Amazon keeps changing its offerings. The store first opened pre-pandemic and was more of a convenience store.  It has morphed into a grab-and-go for lunch offering or a quick snack.  With that said, the technology and concept continue to fascinate me.

I periodically take friends into the store to test their acceptance of the technology and to measure how adaptive they are to new concepts as we live in a world that is evolving faster and faster with technology playing a more important role in everything we do. 

Does Age Play a Role in Your Use of Technology?

It is often assumed that older people are less adept or accepting of technology which I believe is false. My father who is 91.5 has an Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad — all of which he can use with proficiency.  A person’s comfortability factor with technology has to do with their mindset, not age.

In testing my theory, I have taken friends across generations into the Amazon Go store. Some find it very dystopian, particularly if you look up and see all the cameras embedded in the ceiling of the store. Others have tried to trip up and confuse the sensors while others feel like they are doing something illegal akin to stealing. What I like is that you can be in and out within a matter of minutes which can be a game-changer when running between appointments.

Will This Technology Catch On?

No matter our feelings when shopping in a cashier-less and cashless environment, I think it will become more of a standard than an anomaly.  It is definitely faster and more efficient for shoppers and more cost-effective for the store not having to employ dozens of workers.

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