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Jeff Muench

AlgoFace Inc, an ethical face AI enablement platform, is pleased to announce that executive leader & growth expert Jeff Muench is joining the team as a Strategic Advisor. As a strategic expert who brings teams together to accomplish the unexpected, Jeff will assist Algoface’s corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic partnerships.

I’m very excited to join AlgoFace because they’re creatively leveraging technology to remove consumer friction, thus creating a future I’m enthusiastic to help build. AlgoFace’s accomplished team of interesting people with diverse skills lends a unique perspective. It’s amazing and humbling to be part of this fantastic team.

Jeff Muench

Jeff brings over 20 years of strategy, general management, marketing, branding, and mergers and acquisitions integration experience. Jeff is recognized for overcoming challenges with inventive, entrepreneurial, and customer-centric efforts that capture significant market share and lead organizations to unimagined places, all while improving user experience. He successfully identifies unmet customer needs and pain points, engineers solutions, enhances revenues, manages costs intelligently, and develops high-achieving collaborative teams with an entrepreneurial “team mindset” across multiple industries. 

After serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Africa and as a US Senate aide, Jeff embarked on his business career beginning with brand management at J&J, PepsiCo, and ConAgra. Most recently Jeff spent nine years at Walmart in a variety of leadership roles including transformation strategy and execution for Supercenter Reinvention, marketing for the $78B consumables and health & wellness businesses, creating the Effie-awarded and most impactful advertising campaign in Walmart history, and building the M&A integration process. Two teams he led were awarded Walmart team of the year. Jeff graduated with an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a bachelors in political science from Sewanee, the University of the South.

Jeff’s experience helping to craft and operate Walmart’s Mergers and Acquisitions integration practice along with his deep understanding of retail marketing and transformation strategies is a perfect fit. Jeff’s knowledge of what types of innovation our enterprise customers are seeking, his pedigree, and his relationships will open doors for us.

Andrew BartCEO of AlgoFace

About AlgoFace
AlgoFace builds AR and AI technology that knows what’s unique in every person. Through precise tracking of 209 facial landmarks, AlgoFace technology enables a deeper understanding of the human form, to detect and recognize people more accurately, more easily and more clearly. AlgoFace works with leading brands, agencies and OEM partners to power face AI applications. Headquartered in Carefree, Arizona, they are a diverse team of passionate innovators with deep rooted knowledge in computer vision, augmented reality and applied artificial intelligence applications. For more information, please visit