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AlgoFace, Inc.’s Computer Vision Neural Network System patent is changing the way we search for people

AlgoFace, Inc. has been granted a patent by the The US Patent Office (USPTO) for their Neural Network System that enables facial image search through text in real-time.

Facial image search engines used to be dependent on massive amounts of data labeling, think tagging a photo with certain characteristics. As such, search results were limited to what images were previously labeled. Now, with AlgoFace’s Neural Network System patented technology, images can be found with text-based characteristics without labeled data, and on live video feeds. 

AlgoFace’s patented technology also eliminates data storage on an image and allows text-to-image characteristic search performance outside of a person’s identity, which protects both an individual’s privacy and maintains strict privacy compliance. 

This disruptive technology will open the door for numerous applications such as programmatic advertising, e-commerce recommendation engines and accurate search engines for face photos to name a few.

Taleb AlashkarPrincipal Investigator of this patent and the CTO of AlgoFace

The applications of this technology are massive. One example includes being able to automate the search for a missing child on live security cameras just by inputting a basic description. The ability to use text-based search for facial images is especially important in situations where the search needs to be performed to identify a specific set of parameters without using typical facial recognition algorithms.

missing child

We are pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of our technology and granted this patent. The patent strengthens the differentiation of AlgoFace against its competitors and provides AlgoFace a sustainable competitive advantage in the facial analysis market. The patented invention is especially important due to the fact that it allows for searches without using facial recognition, thereby protecting an individual’s privacy.

Andrew BartCEO of AlgoFace

AlgoFace is building an extensive portfolio of patents covering all key products, which creates shareholder value by giving AlgoFace significant product differentiation from its competition. Learn more about our AlgoFace technology and see what it can do.

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