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Susan Sly Black JacketAlgoFace, a leader in ethical Face AI, is thrilled to announce that Susan Sly, CEO and Founder of The Pause Technologies Inc., has joined AlgoFace as a strategic advisor. AlgoFace’s focus on its Face AI Enablement Engine and Applied AI solutions will greatly benefit from Susan’s background at MIT and her pioneering work in real-time AI advancements.

Sly states, “I am deeply honored to serve as a Strategic Advisor for Algoface, a company at the forefront of ethical AI and computer vision technology. Algoface’s commitment to advancing AI in a manner that upholds the highest standards of bias mitigation and privacy resonates with my own principles. It is a privilege to be a part of a visionary team that is shaping the future of AI interactions, ensuring that they are beneficial and accessible to all. This collaboration is an opportunity to leverage my experience in real-time AI to contribute to Algoface’s pioneering journey, fostering innovation that echoes the ethos of responsible AI I’ve always championed.”

Susan helped her previous organization, RadiusAI to be recognized as VentureBeat’s AI Innovator at the Edge, consistently securing its position as a top-performing AI startup, underscoring her proficiency in guiding AI applications from conceptual frameworks to practical real-world implementations. Additionally, it emphasizes her commitment to ethical practices within the field.

“Susan is a recognized and respected operational leader in AI and Computer Vision. Her relationships, know-how, and credibility in the industry are tremendous assets that have already added value. Her addition to the team is an indicator of AlgoFace’s current shift from early enterprise market traction to definitive Go-To-Market motions and scale,” says Andrew Bart, CEO & Cofounder of AlgoFace

Susan Sly Navy BlazerSusan is also a best-selling author, a dynamic keynote speaker, and an influential presence in the ethical AI landscape. Her expertise has been featured on major media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, FOX, and Lifetime. Sly also hosts an acclaimed podcast, “Raw and Real Entrepreneurship,” where she explores the nuances of business dynamics and personal empowerment with a focus on ethical considerations in AI development.

In 2023, Susan’s significant impact on technology and AI ethics was acknowledged through her election as one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the industry. Her scientific contributions were further honored with the prestigious Rosalind Franklin Society award, showcasing her dedication to advancing ethical practices in AI. As a representative of MIT Sloan’s legacy of innovation and leadership, Susan is devoted to fostering growth and promoting success among women in tech and startups. This commitment exemplifies her dedication to advancing the AI industry ethically and cultivating an empowering environment for her peers.


About AlgoFace


AlgoFace makes it easier to build and deploy trusted responsible Face AI solutions.  Our B2B & B2G Ethical Face AI Enablement Engine leverages computer vision, machine learning, and generative AI to power applied AI solutions that operate on the edge.  Featuring privacy by default and ethical AI frameworks, our 2D facial landmark tracking, 3D face mesh, iris tracking, head pose estimation, and hair segmentation offer enterprise-grade accuracy and speed, with minimal power requirements.  Our core Face AI Enablement Engine can be used to develop 2D and 3D Face AI solutions across mobile, desktop, embedded systems, AR/VR, and the Metaverse.