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Revolutionizing Consumer Electronics

Transforming the way we interact with devices.

Consumer Electronics

Transforming the way we interact with devices.

Improving the user experience and safety of consumer electronics with our technology, makes these concepts possible, responsible and better.

Consumer Electronics Smarter Homes

Smart-er Homes

By analyzing facial features, our enablement engine is able to personalize individuals’ experiences based on their responses.

For example, smart thermostats can adjust the temperature if it detects sweaty foreheads or increased skin temperature. If a household member starts to doze off, the home can dim the lights, lower the TV volume and confirm that the doors are locked and the garage is closed.

Smart-er TVs

Ensure age-appropriate content by using age estimation to determine if the content being watched is appropriate for the viewer’s age.

Adjust the volume based on the viewer’s reaction. If viewer seems like they are having trouble understanding the dialog or seems like they are uncomfortable with the level, the volume can adjust accordingly.

Provide content based on the viewer’s mood. For example, if the viewer’s facial expressions show a stressed or aggravated state, the TV can suggest a meditation or yoga session.

Detect when no one is actively watching the screen and automatically pause or even turn off the TV. Even if someone is in the room, the TV will remain paused until it detects active viewing.

Consumer Electronics Smarter TVs
Consumer Electronics Safer Appliances

Safe-r Appliances

Enforce age limitations on dangerous appliances, such as ovens or power tools. With our enablement engine’s age estimation and eye tracking capabilities, devices can only function for users over a certain age or that are fully alert.

Ensure safety with appliances that detect when they are not being monitored and automatically shut off to prevent accidents. For example, a stove can automatically turn off if it detects that no one has been watching it for a certain period of time.

More Secure Systems

Real-time, predictive monitoring of security cameras and other sensors for specific red flags, such as a person wearing a mask, or a doorbell ring and face not detected after 5 seconds. The system can then send alerts to occupants, security personnel or the authorities to respond to potential threats, possibly before they become problematic.

Consumer Electronics Secure Systems

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