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Data Flow

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SDK and API are two forms of software implementation. Below are diagrams that illustrate how the data flows for each one.


An SDK provides a code library, documentation and sample code. The code library offers an interface in a standard programming language such as C++, for easy integration by developers.

SDK Flow

In this data flow, internet connectivity is only needed to validate the license, the actual processing takes place on the end user’s device.


The Web API is designed for serving different products related to image analysis and transformation. It is not OS-dependent and can be invoked from different platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS). The developed API responds seamlessly to desktop as well as mobile devices.

API Flow

Very basic level computation runs on the edge including data validation and image resizing or compression. Authentication, processing and classification runs on the customer’s back-end server. That means the image and other selected parameters (user choices) are processed on the back-end server to generate results.

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