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Game-Changing Tech

Build more immersive, personalized and interactive gameplay.

Identity-Free Biometrics

We are committed to building technology for good.

Our tech makes it possible to eliminate bulky headsets and limited player interaction.

Gaming Headset-less VR

Headset-less VR

Traditional VR requires a headset to track the player’s movements and position, which can be uncomfortable and limiting. AlgoFace’s enablement engine tracks the player’s facial expressions, head pose and eye movement, providing a more natural and comfortable VR experience, without the need for a headset.

Personalized Avatars

Avatar characters that accurately mimic the player’s facial expressions and movements create a more realistic and immersive gaming experience. This enables players to interact with each other and the game in a more personalized way, as players can utilize characters that represent their true selves, not just in looks, but in mannerisms and movements.

Gaming Personalized Avatars
Gaming Controller-free Control

Controller-free Control

Allows players to control games with their head movements, eye-gaze and facial expressions, creating a more unique, immersive and interactive experience. Whether it’s a fast-paced first-person shooter, a challenging puzzle game, racing or a role-playing adventure, bring a new level of precision and excitement to gaming.

Put down the joystick and connect with what’s next.