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More landmarks.
Increased accuracy.
Multi-platform compatibility.

Our facial landmark tracker (FLT) detects and tracks human faces to power your Face AI ambitions.


Facial landmark tracking

Our facial landmark tracker SDK detects and tracks human faces across 209 points giving your application the most accurate face.

Multi-face AI tracking.

Our FLT simultaneously tracks and detects multiple faces in an image or video and can individually track each subject.

Head pose estimation.

Our FLT tracks faces in the following ranges: Pitch: -20 ~ 10, Yaw: -65 ~ 65 and Roll: -60 ~ 60, giving your application some serious potential.

Eye gaze estimation.

Knowing where someone is looking and what they are looking at brings a world of possibilities to technology applications. With over 50 facial landmarks on the eye alone, eye tracking with our FTL is impeccably accurate.

Low-Level Lighting.

Robust even in the most challenging lighting conditions, our FLT functions seamlessly.

FLT Tech Specs


C++, iOS, Android, Web JS.


Video and Still, RGB

Supported Hardware

Mobile Phones, Nvidia, Raspberry Pi, Intel.

Who we work with.


Create unique retail and ecommerce experiences customized for your brand.


Give your shoppers Covid-friendly experiences.


Plug our technology into your app through our SDK, and voila…you’ve got possibilities.


Take advantage of our face tracking SDK and offer solutions to your clients.

Experience the power of accuracy.

Explore our 2D & 3D FLTs