Facial landmark tracking

Our facial landmark tracker SDK detects and tracks human faces across 209 points giving your technology the most accurate face.


Facial landmark tracking

Our facial landmark tracker SDK detects and tracks human faces across 209 points giving your application the most accurate face.

3x the industry average facial landmarks.

When more is better.

With our 209 facial landmarks, you’ll get better eye gaze tracking, better head pose estimation and better facial expression mapping. Our precise and robust facial landmark tracker gives you the power to do powerful things.

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Supercharging video streams with faces

Multi-face AI tracking.

One face. Two Face. Red Face. Blue Face. No matter the face, if the image input captures it, our facial landmark tracker can detect it.

Pitch, Yaw, and Roll Tracking

Head pose estimation.

Our Facial Landmark Tracker tracks faces in the following ranges: Pitch: -20 ~ 10, Yaw: -65 ~ 65 and Roll: -60 ~ 60, giving your application some serious potential.

Mouth and Eye Aspect Ratio

Eye gaze estimation.

Knowing where someone is looking and what they are looking at brings a world of possibilities to technology applications. With over 50 facial landmarks on the eye alone, eye tracking with our SDK is impeccably accurate.

Low Level Lighting Face Tracking

Multi-camera input compatibility.

Robust even in the most challenging lighting conditions, FaceTrace functions seamlessly on both RGB and NIR cameras.

COVID-19 Solution

Face mask detection.

Our facial landmark tracker is not limited by the usage of face masks or eyewear. Optimize face technology applications to perform with and without people wearing face masks.


Still and Video Acceptance

Robust even in the most challenging lighting conditions, FaceTrace can accept still and video inputs.


Identity Free
Face AI

Our facial landmark tracker gives you all the power of tracking faces, without needing to attach a face to an identity.


Customizable Face AI SDK

Plug our facial landmark tracker into your application through our SDK, and voila… you’ve got possibilities.

Industry applications.

Explore how technology leaders are using our facial landmark tracker.


Driver Attentiveness & Monitoring


Face Mask and Eye Wear Detection


Optimized Fever Detection

Your application, but better.

Optimize and improve the functionality of your application with superior facial landmark tracking.

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FaceTrace Tech Specs


C++, iOS, Android, Web JS.


Video and Still, RGB, NIR

Supported Hardware

Mobile Phones, Nvidia, Raspberry Pi, Intel.


Driver monitoring, camera apps, gaming, avatar animation…

Who we work with.


Create unique retail and ecommerce experiences customized for your brand.


Give your shoppers Covid-friendly experiences.


Plug our technology into your app through our SDK, and voila…you’ve got possibilities.


Take advantage of our face tracking SDK and offer solutions to your clients.

Facial Landmark Tracking FAQs

What is a facial landmark?

A facial landmark is a 2D or a 3D point that provides information about the position of a facial component, i.e. lips, eyes, eyebrows, in either a 2D image or a 3D face model.

Why is it better to have more facial landmarks?

More facial landmarks provide more detail around desired facial components and thus, enabling more accuracy in AR applications

What is the difference between face detection and facial recognition?

Face detection identifies the presence of a face of a person whereas facial recognition confirms the identity of a person.

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